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Insurance Questions. Invaluable Answers.

Monday April 9th, 2012

You’ve just been in an accident. Your doctor recommends that you undergo physiotherapy treatment to help you recover. You attend your first treatment and a treatment plan is developed by you and the physiotherapist. It is recommended that you attend treatment three times a week for the next six weeks. Each session will cost $80.00. You feel nervous about affording these required sessions. Do you have to pay for those expenses out of your pocket?

If you have private family health insurance through your or your partner’s/parent’s employment, this is the first insurance that is utilized to pay for treatments such as physiotherapy. The amount is usually capped for an annual basis, for example, $500.00 per year. After this is exhausted, your own motor vehicle insurance would step in, assuming your policy has Section B.

If you don’t have private insurance or Section B, the third party insurer, (for the driver who hit you), would cover the expenses through that driver’s Section B. If the driver didn’t have Section B, payments can be facilitated through the third party insurer in some cases.

It can be tricky and stressful to sort it all out, especially after you’ve been hurt. At O’Dea Earle, we help our clients through these issues on a daily basis. We’ll get everything set up for you so you can focus on what’s most important: recovery.

If you’ve been in an accident, make it our fight.