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The Hidden Dangers of Section D

Tuesday January 10th, 2012

Ever wonder what Section D of your auto insurance policy is all about? It refers to “uninsured and unidentified drivers” but it’s really all about you. Section D covers you in the event of an accident with an uninsured driver or unidentified vehicle causing injury to you or damage to your vehicle. Rather than leaving you out of luck in this scenario, Section D entitles you to the same compensation you would receive if the other driver had basic liability insurance coverage.

A typical event under which Section D is enacted is a “hit and run” where the victim is injured by a driver who leaves the scene and cannot be indentified. These cases are usually straightforward. A less typical situation occurs when a victim is injured as a result of a foreign object flying free from one vehicle and hitting another directly, or later as the object lies loose on the roadway.

The above situation, and many others, may be contested by your insurance company. Even though you are making a claim against “your” insurance company, it can quickly look as though you are claiming against the other, unidentified driver’s insurer and not someone you’ve been paying premiums to for years and years. What’s more, the law maintains that the car accident victim must present evidence from which the court can infer that the negligence of the unidentified driver was the probable cause of the injury.

This is where O’Dea Earle can help. While the insurance company may contest that there is no real evidence of negligence, our personal injury lawyers have a wealth of experience in these complex fact scenarios and are best able to put forth a claim for damages on your behalf. We have the necessary skills to review the evidence and ensure you are getting the full compensation to which you are entitled from your Section D coverage. If you are the victim of an uninsured or unidentified driver, you need a team of aggressive lawyers who won’t back down. You need to make it our fight.