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Keep Your Wits About You

Friday October 28th, 2011

I just returned from a road trip to assist a client outside St. John’s and once again have had it re-affirmed that driving in Newfoundland and Labrador requires constant, unwavering, attention.

In addition to the three moose that I witnessed from the road between St. John’s and Whitbourne, I also had the pleasure of having another driver make a lane change directly in front of me without an indicator or a shoulder check. There was nothing in the other gentleman’s lane, he just decided to move into mine. Fortunately, I was not going above the speed limit and was able to avoid a collision.

As this is our first foray into the “blogosphere” we thought it prudent to highlight to our clients and potential clients that when proceeding along our highways and byways, you cannot be too careful. Sadly, observing the rules and road conditions isn’t enough. You have to be aware of other drivers as well. Even the safest driver can wind up injured due to another’s carelessness, and that’s where we come in. The roads in this province can be confusing to navigate, and so is the law if you choose to fight your case alone. At O’Dea Earle we help injured persons get their life back. Having the right lawyer is essential in these matters, as the legal landscape can be just as confusing as any of our winding, foggy roads. Luckily for our clients, we can anticipate what’s up ahead and work hard to avoid any further damage.

So be careful out there. Drive safely and pay attention. But if the worst happens and you’re injured… make it our fight. We’ve been down that highway countless times. And we’ll get you home.